Sometimes people have the funds to update their home before they sell it, in order to increase the overall value.

The question usually asked is, "How much money should I put into my renovation and where should I spend it?"

The SINGULAR room in your home that will get you the most bang for your buck is the KITCHEN.

You don't have to spend a TON of money, but some simple changes can make a world of difference(and let you sell your home for a lot more!).

Changing out the countertops can turn a dated kitchen into a sleek, modern kitchen. This can cost a few thousand dollars but can also save you money when a buyer may ask you to drop $10k off your list price if your kitchen appears dated. If you can afford it, countertops are worth the money!

Quick and inexpensive updates that can make a huge impact include painting and changing out the existing cabinets to something more current.

Be sure to choose a neutral color so that buyers can envision their life in that space -- a blank canvas to create endless memories!

A little bonus if you have the budget to cover it -- stainless steel appliances! If you can't afford to replace all of them, then just buy ONE appliance. This makes buyers think that the other appliances are just as fancy and makes the kitchen appear even more updated.

What update are YOU going to start on?